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November Coop Lunch and Learn Series

November Lunch and Learn SeriesIf your organization wants to make a bigger impact in their local economy, then this free webinar series is not to be missed.

Training, education, and information is not only a co-operative principle, it’s an important part of growing any organization. Every Thursday during the month of November we are offering free noon-hour webinars that will expand your organization’s knowledge about strategic opportunities around economic development. All you need is to RSVP in advance.

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To best enjoy these webinars, we highly recommend watching this webinar with a colleague; invite them for lunch! All webinars run from noon-1PM (MST)

November 2nd: Co-operative Strategies that can grow your business save you money,

If your enterprise is looking to reduce costs, increase productivity, and build a strong work culture, then this 45-minute lunch hour webinar is not to be missed. Learn how co-operative strategies can be applied in your business, not for profit, or community.

Hosted by Seth Leon, Manager of Co-operative Services; Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

November 9th: Member Loyalty Programs: Enhance member value while supporting local business

North Parkland Power REA (NPP) has increased value to their members offering loyalty discounts to a range of local businesses. This strategy also connects their co-op to the local business community in a meaningful way. Learn how NPP devised and executed on this strategy, and the key actions needed to get started in your community.

Hosted by Andrea LaBrie, Member-Owner Representative; North Parkland Power REA ltd.

November 16th: As Local As Possible: Craft Brewing in Alberta

Alberta’s craft beer industry is exploding, having tripled in size over the past few years. Growth continues, all over Alberta, in an industry that has deep roots in the history of the province. Where has the industry come from and where will it go? How can your community play its part in making brewing a signature industry for Alberta?

Hosted by Terry Rock, Executive Director; Alberta Small Brewers Association

November 23rd:  Local Investing & Community Economic DevelopmentLearn about how to invest locally, raise capital for your local business, and how to grow your local economy. Recent changes to investment rules in Alberta will soon make things easier to invest locally and raise money locally. Learn how community economic development can help your business do well, and do good. This webinar will help frame local opportunities with long-term economic growth, opportunities to maximize your impact, access tax benefits, and mobilize growing networks.

Hosted by Courtney Hare, Public Policy Manager; Momentum

November 30th: How inclusive spaces increase market share and build stronger businesses

Creating welcoming spaces strengthen brand identity and improve customer experience. This webinar explains how to develop accessible and inclusive spaces that will help your business grow. Learn how to maximize your marketing and strengthen your brand. This webinar will also touch on project management for creating accessible spaces, and how to access grants.

Hosted by Sean Crump CEO and Head Chair; Universal Access

2009 CD/CED Manitoba Gathering

Please join us at the 2009 CD/CED Gathering

To create change, we build movements, coalitions and networks. To build better neighbourhoods, we work collectively through grassroots leadership. To benefit local economies, we create organizations and business run and owned by community - In all of this, we are Stronger Together.

Join others engaged in all aspects of building fairer and stronger local economies, tackling poverty and homelessness, and investing in sustainable communities for a full day of networking, learning, sharing, and inspiration.

With over 30 workshops, this free, all-day event takes place on October 23rd at St. John's High School in Winnipeg's North End.


There is no charge for registering for this conference.


Prototyping for Community Change

Prototyping for Community ChangeThis workshop will  help participants build plans for how they can start prototyping their ideas, and how to scale up prototypes for broader impact.

How can you build buy-in for a vision for community change, help a stalled effort get un-stuck, and test ideas before making costly and risky investment in new programs and services? The intentional practice of prototyping – testing conceptual ideas by making them real ­­– is a core part of effective community change.  But how can you prototype quickly and effectively? What makes a ‘good’ prototype? What types of models and best practices are out there to help streamline your efforts?

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In this full-day, interactive and engaging workshop, Galen MacLusky, Tamarack’s Director of Community Innovation will share how communities and organizations are using the practice of prototyping to advance their work, practical examples of forms of prototyping that suit common challenges, and help participants build plans for how they can start prototyping their ideas. We will also explore pathways to move from prototypes to large-scale impact and how prototypes can be scaled up for broad impact.

What Will I Learn?

Through a mix of engaging presentations, peer learning, and interactive exercises, you will learn:

  • The value of prototyping: We will provide case studies and examples of how communities and organizations have used prototypes to get to impact.
  • Types of prototypes that you can use: We will dive deep into specific types of prototyping, what makes the effective, and how you can draw upon them to address your specific needs.
  • How prototypes can catalyze community efforts and systems change: We will provide tools and techniques for building upon the results of your prototypes to scale impact and build upon what works.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for people who are seeking how to work with communities to create social change. It is for anyone in the private, public, or voluntary sectors who:

  • Leads or manages programs (including their development and ongoing implementation), organizations, or community engagement activities
  • Is interested in driving community change or a social good
  • Is seeking new approaches to addressing social challenges

Global Perspectives on Community Change Webinar

TamarackPre-Recorded Webinar - Released on October 30th

Speakers: Megan Courtney and Liz Weaver

In this webinar, Megan and Liz will reflect on 25 years of collective wisdom in community change from Canada to New Zealand. Based on their experiences, you'll hear about some of the most important shifts in the community change landscape and what that means for your own initiatives. Most importantly, Megan and Liz will provide insight into challenges, themes, and principles that they believe will affect the next decade of community change work.

Register for Global Perspectives on Community Change Webinar

This webinar is a great opportunity to hear from important voices in the community change landscape, and to benefit from different perspectives on the past, present, and future of community change work. This webinar builds on the paper Reflections on Community Change: Two Countries, Two Perspectives, One Vision for Moving Forward. 


Megan Courtney

Megan Courtney is a founding member of the Inspiring Communities core team, and (amongst many things!) leads co-ordination of IC Team activities. She’s a firm believer in the power of local people and places to do amazing things and loves working alongside communities to help make locally-led action happen. 

Liz Weaver

Liz Weaver is the Co-CEO of Tamarack Institute where she is leading the Tamarack Learning Centre.Liz is well-known for her thought leadership on Collective Impact and is the author of several popular and academic papers on the topic.


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