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2009 CD/CED Manitoba Gathering

23 Oct 2009

Please join us at the 2009 CD/CED Gathering

To create change, we build movements, coalitions and networks. To build better neighbourhoods, we work collectively through grassroots leadership. To benefit local economies, we create organizations and business run and owned by community - In all of this, we are Stronger Together.


Youth Drop-in Programmer

Spence Neighbourhood Association is looking to fill a 30 hour per week youth programmer position. The Spence Neighbourhood Association is looking for a drop-in programmer for the youth drop-in program, a program for 13-18 year olds in the Spence Community. Youth Drop-in is an evening program Monday to Friday 6:00- 10:00pm for 13-18 year olds, which works on building connections between the community and youth.

17 Aug 2016

Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective Coordinator

In partnership with the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective, the Lake Winnipeg Foundation is seeking a relationship-driven project manager to support the dynamic growth of a First Nations collective dedicated to protecting the health of our sacred waters and restoring traditional livelihoods. Based out of Winnipeg, the position includes travel to various Lake Winnipeg Indigenous communities. This seven-month (30 weeks) contract position will pay $16,500, with the expectation of a commitment of approximately 30 hours per week.

22 Aug 2016


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