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Uniterra: Dare to Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

Uniterra was jointly created by World University Service of Canada (WUSC) in Ottawa and Centre d'étude et de coopération internationale (CECI) in Montreal in 2004. The program provides opportunities for Canadian citizens and landed immigrants to volunteer abroad in their field of experience. We work with local partners in 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to address poverty and strengthen existing social and economic development initiatives.
6 Sep 2009

Northern Ontario Community Economic Development (CED) Network Assistant / Hearst Economic Development Assistant


This position is offered through the Canadian CED Network's CreateAction internship program with funding from Service Canada, the only national internship program that provides relevant six-month paid work experience placements for young people who have a career focus in CED.

The Canadian CED Network is a practitioner-based, membership-driven organization. In Ontario its mission is to help CED organizations across the province to strengthen their communities and find solutions to local problems.

Hourly wage of $14.50
26 Aug 2009

The Social Economy Stories Project

MacLeoud, et al.

The Social Economy Stories Project

The blending of social and economic objectives is taking root across the world as the best means to replace dependency and exclusion with self-determination and self-sufficiency.

Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation Conference (C2D2 Conference 2009)

Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2) in partnership with Toronto Community Housing (TCH) present

C2D2s 2009 Conference

Leading Change: How conversations make stronger communities and healthier democracies

It is already beginning. People using dialogue and deliberation to create stronger communities and healthier democracies are getting ready to participate in C2D2s 2009 conference. We are excited to see the community's warm response to our call for submissions. We encourage you to join the action by registering for the conference or answering our call for submissions.

Keynote Speakers: Paul Born will be speaking about community conversations, based on his book Community Conversations: Mobilizing the Ideas, Skills, and Passion of Community Organizations, Governments, Businesses, and People .

Interested in learning more? Check out our website at /en/page/broken-link?old_url=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.c2d2.ca%2B

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Research and Communications - The Learning Enrichment Foundation

This is a highly collaborative position with the overarching goal of enhancing LEF's brand by ensuring that we leverage our activities with our four main stakeholders. (Clients (both individual and employer), Funders (government and donors), Staff, and the local Community At Large).

The initial task will be to understand/develop the key message for each of our stakeholder groups, and to identify the different mediums of communication.

21 Aug 2009
416-760-2560 ext. 2560

CCEDNet - Financial Sustainability Researcher

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is inviting applications for a work experience position based out of its office in Ottawa, ON.
Start Date: 
Mon, 08/10/2009
5 Aug 2009


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