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SAS 2: Introductory Workshop

Concepts and Tools for Collaborative Inquiry and Social Engagement

This three day workshop focuses on the practice of collaborative inquiry and social engagement, drawing on the tools and concepts of SAS2 (www.sas2.net). The workshop is designed to strengthen skills in problem solving, stakeholder analysis, and assessing options for future actions, using innovative tools that are both rigorous and adaptable to a variety of contexts. Participants will learn by doing, applying the tools to questions grounded in their own individual or team projects and workplans.

The workshop is for people in the voluntary, academic, private and government sectors who are involved in:

  • Multistakeholder facilitation
  • Project evaluation
  • Community-based research
  • Workplace training and organizational learning
  • Problem solving and strategic planning
The Introductory Workshop shows how to:
  • Mobilize people and knowledge from diverse sources;
  • Ground thinking in real settings, leading to strategic actions and multistakeholder decisions appropriate to peoples’ goals and available resources;
  • Choose the right tools, combine them with other methods and technologies, and design an inquiry that fits the needs of the people involved;
  • Scale plans to fit the kind and depth of evidence, planning and participation needed to achieve the expected results;
  • Make sense of complexity through the art of data gathering, analysis and story telling that inspires and persuades.
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Forum on the Solidarity Economy: Building Another World

The U.S. Solidarity Economy Network invites you to the first national

Forum on the Solidarity Economy: Building Another World

March 19-22, 2009 w Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst

Co-convened with Universidad de los Andes (Venezuela) & RIPESS-NA (Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy - N. America)

An Historic Opening
The current economic crisis and the possible death throes of neoliberalism (corporate-led globalization), offers us an historic opening to advance a new framework for economic development. We have an opportunity to push for a fundamental transformation in our economic and social system, one that puts people and planet before private profits and power.

This four day conference will include an inspiring range of solidarity economy tours, workshops, plenaries and cultural events. We invite solidarity economy practitioners and resource organizations, social movement activists, workers, academics, students, researchers, cultural workers, journalists and other fellow travelers, to come and be part of the growing global movement to build the solidarity economy.

What is the solidarity economy?
The Solidarity Economy (SE) is an alternative framework for economic development that is grounded in principles of solidarity, equity in all dimensions, participatory democracy, sustainability and pluralism. The solidarity economy framework seeks transformation rather than band-aid solutions, yet rejects one-size-fits-all blueprints. It isn't abstract theory nor pie-in-the-sky utopianism. Rather, it pulls together and builds upon the many elements of the solidarity economy that already exist. Some are new innovations, some are old. Other elements have yet to be realized or even imagined, and the journey of creation is ongoing.

Join us!
The time to advance real solutions, built on real experiences and successes is now. Another world is possible and necessary. Join the movement and together, we can build upon the foundation that already exists to make that ‘other world' a reality!

For more details and background please visit our website: http://www.ussen.org

Or contact: Emily Kawano, Coordinator, U.S. Solidarity Economy Network, 413-545-0743, emily@populareconomics.org

Co-operative Business Plan Consultant - West End Food Co-op

The Westend Food Co-op (WEFC) is a community food cooperative based in the West End of Toronto, Ontario. The WEFC mandate is to foster food culture through lucrative local business markets for farmers, healthy food and fair prices for consumers, and a livable wage for co-op employees.

Payment commensurate upon experience; please state your salary expectations in your cover letter
Start Date: 
Mon, 12/01/2008
1 Dec 2008

Téléapprentissage en français;


 Session de télé-apprentissage en français : Synergies collectives et création de coopératives dans les communautés francophones particulièrement celles des minorités raciales et ethnoculturelles Date : 8 Décembre 2008Heure : 12H à 13H00C’est gratuit ! 

Inscrivez-vous le plus vite possible pour suivre la présentation de Victor  Teumo, Conseiller en développement coopératif et Coordonnateur régional - Nord de l'Ontario. À titre de Coordonnateur du Conseil de la Coopération de l’Ontario pour le grand Nord de l’Ontario (régions du Nord-ouest et Nord-est) et d’une partie du Centre-sud de la province (région de Toronto), monsieur Teumo dispose d’une solide expérience, doublée d’une grande expertise en développement économique communautaire ainsi que des compétences liées à l’administration et la gestion des projets d’intérêt collectif et social. Il coordonne entre autres les projets tels que : le Programme de l’IDC (initiative de développement coopératif) dans son volet Services-conseil pour l’Ontario français; le Programme d’appui au développement des coopératives dans les municipalités de l’Ontario (PADCM); le Programme de formation en gestion des coopératives (PFGC); etc.…


Ayez l’opportunité au cours de cette session de débattre de vos projets coopératifs, des défis que vous rencontrez et surtout faites des suggestions pour contribuer à l’élaboration de  politiques adaptées  aux besoins de nos communautés.

 Réservez votre place à atounkara@ccednet-rcdec.ca ou appelez au (416)760 2577.Nous vous recommandons de réserver et confirmer aussitôt car le nombre de places est limité. Format de la session :Bienvenue : 5mn; Présentation : 25mn; Questions : 30mn

CHRA Teleforum: Yes, In My Back Yard: A Cross-Canada Check-up

CHRA is excited to announce the second Teleforum of the season: Yes, In My Back Yard: A Cross-Canada Check-up

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you're a Teleforum veteran or a newcomer.
Teleforums are a great way to connect with others working in the affordable housing sector and hear new ideas on issues relevant to your work. From the comfort and ease of your office or home, you can engage with housing experts and learn new approaches which you may be able to apply in your area.

Joy Connelly, Representative of the HomeComing Community Choice Coalition, will present their initiatives to ensure that affordable and supportive housing developments are protected from Not In My Back Yard opposition.

Thursday, December 04, 2008 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Eastern Time Zone

Click here for the event fees and to register>>

View Event Summary>>

RSVP by Wednesday, December 3, 2008

English Telelearning session: Empowering communities through microfinance: PARO’s Peer Lending Circles model and SEED Winnipeg’s

English Tele-Learning Session:

Empowering communities through microfinance: PARO’s Peer Lending Circles model and SEED Winnipeg’s Asset Building model 

Date: 25 November 2008  Time: Noon to 1pm

It’s Free! 

Paro’s Peer Circles are self-selected groups of 4 - 7 women whose members share information and network amongst themselves for mutual benefit in business development. Circle members share their experiences, provide advice, support one another and help each other expand their contact networks. Peer Circle members also provide lending support through collective accountability and the supply of references, allowing PARO to use different lending criteria than those of traditional banking institutions. Peer lending has helped many Circle members to grow their businesses and set new goals for the future. SEED Winnipeg’s Asset Building Programs assist low-income participants to save to help purchase productive assets or household necessities. Program supports include money management training, one-on-one financial counselling and matched savings credits which add to the participants’ individual savings. Join us to hear from Stacia Kean, Project Coordinator for Accelerated Consulting at PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise and Louise Simbandumwe, a Director at SEED Winnipeg, and learn more about these two microfinance models.

 To reserve your place, contact Abraham Tounkara at atounkara@ccednet-rcdec.ca or call (416) 760-2577.  We recommend that you confirm your attendance soon, as space is limited.  Session timeline:  Greetings: 5mn; Presentation: 25mn; Questions: 30mn


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