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Project Coordinator & Office Assistant

The purpose of the Dubreuilville Community Adjustment Committee is to develop a multi-functional action plan for the community as a whole to address issues regarding the local economy, community infrastructure, social development, labour force development, education and training development and business retention and expansion strategies for the community as a result of the indefinite cease of operations at Dubreuil Forest Products Ltd. as announced.

6 Jun 2008
fax : (705) 884-2626

Le Programme d'ete de l'Universite ouverte - The Open University Summer Program

Programme d'été de l'Université ouverte

La participation des citoyens et la mobilisation des forces en vue de la transformation sociale, tel est le thème du Programme d'été qui aura lieu à l'Institut de développement communautaire, du 15 au 20 juin 2008.

La conférence d'ouverture (le 15 juin, en soirée) sera prononcée par Kim Klein; du lundi au mercredi, plusieurs grandes sessions offriront l'occasion d'apprendre ensemble, de partager et d'imaginer l'avenir. Un Forum ouvert est prévu le jeudi, tandis que le vendredi une session permettra de faire le point sur la semaine.

Pour plus de détails, voir les activités du Programme d'été ou imprimer la version PDF.


Open University Summer Program

Citizen Engagement and Movement Building as a Force for Social Transformation will be the focus of the Institute's upcoming Summer Program to be held
June 15-20, 2008.

The opening keynote by Kim Klein (June 15) will be followed by several in-depth learning experiences over the next three days facilitated by talented trainers. An Open Space day and a Bringing it home session will take place on the Thursday and Friday.

See details about the Program activities or print a downloadable PDF version.


Community Quality of Life - From Indicators to Action

Community Quality Improvement, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, Algoma University College/NORDIK Institute and Garden River First Nation have been working together as partners to organize this exciting two-day conference in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

"Community Quality of Life: From Indicators to Action" will bring together private, public and not-for-profit sector leaders in the common challenge of improving human wellbeing within their respective communities. The main focus of the conference will be on indicator initiatives, which are being developed by many communities across Canada to address a range of community issues. It will provide opportunities for sharing information about approaches to measuring community quality of life and ways of making indicator initiatives more effective, systematic and relevant. It will also provide an impetus for moving indicator initiatives from data collection to becoming catalysts for community change.

Five keynote addresses will be given by acclaimed leaders and renowned experts on various aspects of community quality of life. Sixteen workshops will be provided by practitioners, researchers and academics from a diverse range of programs and initiatives. The workshops have been organized into the four themes of the conference. 

Conference Themes
The conference has been organized into the following themes: Using indicators to improve community quality of life Building healthy environments Quality of life challenges and opportunities among First Nations peoples Innovative approaches to improving community quality of life Conference Prices.

The Canadian Indigenous/Native Studies Association (CINSA) Conference 2008 - Visions of Sustainability

The Canadian Indigenous/Native Studies Association (CINSA) Conference 2008 will be hosted by the Community Economic and Social Development (CESD) department of Algoma University College. Come help celebrate the new initiatives that Algoma University (which is seeking independence from Laurentian University) and Shingwauk Education Trust is taking towards meeting Shingwauk's vision. The social, economic, political and cultural vibrancy of Indigenous communities across Canada have been profoundly affected by colonization, and many communities are struggling. At the same time the resilience of Indigenous peoples in Canada, and indeed around the world, continue to provide hope and inspiration to those who seek a sustainable future.

The Canadian Indigenous/Native Studies Association (CINSA) is a community of scholars committed to fostering the development of Aboriginal Studies as a discipline informed by, and respectful of, Indigenous intellectual traditions, and to create a place of respect and dignity for Aboriginal Peoples within Canada and the world. Among its objectives are the dissemination and discussion of research and facilitation of communication among members through such means as conferences. Since the 1980s, CINSA has grown and met regularly while the field of Indigenous Studies has exploded, nationally and internationally.

CCEDNet - CIDA Peru internships: deadline for applications extended


CCEDNet has received approval by CIDA's Youth International Program for a project to send three (3) interns to Peru to work with COPEME, a CCEDNet partner organization there.

Start Date: 
Mon, 06/16/2008
23 May 2008
250-386-9980 (118)

CCEDNet Manager - Youth CED Programs


Manager, CED Youth Programs

Start Date: June 2008 - March 2009

Please submit your CV and a letter of application no later than May 25, 2008 by Email to Bianca Mathieu bmathieu@ccednet-rcdec.ca


up to 51 000/per year
Start Date: 
Sun, 06/01/2008
25 May 2008


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