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2008 CCEDNet-Ontario Policy Framework

CCEDNet Ontario advocates for a policy agenda that builds the social economy and enhances
community economic development as a way to:

1. Build Fairer, Stronger Local Economies,
2. Tackle Poverty And Homelessness, and
3. Create Sustainable Communities

We call for public policies that create an enabling environment for communities to create their
own futures, building on the innovation and commitment of thousands of active
citizens/volunteers and their community organizations.

Social Business Manager:

Social Business Manager

Causeway Work Centre is committed to developing and operating social businesses designed to provide competitive supported employment to persons with a disability or other barriers to employment. Causeway currently operates the Ottawa Social Purchasing Portal, a food services business, a landscaping business, and a used bicycle repair and sales business. The Social Business Manager will oversee the business operations of all current and future social enterprises.

28 Mar 2008

Northern Ontario Women's Economic Development Conference


APRIL 29-30, 2008, Valhalla Inn

Save the date for the first regional economic development conference devoted to advancing business development opportunities for women. Conference themes include:

  • Building a Business in Northern Ontario
  • Creating Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Growing Our Northern Communities

The Northern Ontario Women's Economic Development Conference is open to both women and men who share a vision for developing innovative, women-centred solutions to help build strong and sustainable Northern Ontario communities.

It will engage regional communities in thought-provoking and informative discussions regarding the economic role of women and their current and future growth potential in promoting economic and social progress for the North.

Don't miss out on this thought-provoking and informative conference, aimed at empowering women in business and in the workplace.

For more information contact: outreach@paro.ca

To download the invitation (PDF) please click here.

Executive Director- Common Ground Co-operative

Common Ground Co-operative (CGC) is an incorporated, not-for-profit charitable organization that supports catering and retail food service outlets organized as business partnerships among people with intellectual challenges. The CGC (Toronto) has an exceptional opportunity available for an Executive Director who wishes to join a small, innovative organization that is developing social enterprise as an employment alternative for people with intellectual challenges. For more information click here.
Start Date: 
Sun, 01/27/2008
14 Feb 2008

Association of Cooperative Educators Institute

ACE Institute
2008 ACE Institute
July 29- August 1
Lord Elgin Hotel
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The annual ACE Institute is the only annual conference dedicated solely to highlighting innovative programs in cooperative education. It provides a unique opportunity to network with educators across cooperative sectors as well as national boundaries. Institute highlights include:

* Research Emphasis
* Keynote Speaker
* Cooperative Study Tours
* Workshops & Panels
* Awards Banquet
* Spanish/English/French Simultaneous Translation

For more information, visit: www.ace.coop



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