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Community Development Conversation Circle - Regina

Regina Conversation Circle:
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
United Way
1440 Scarth St., Regina, SK
Our Conversation Circles are an opportunity for networking and discussion for those who are committed to community development. Bring your lunch and desire to connect with others in our community.

For more information contact:
Lisa Workman: 766-7549


2008 Community Development Society Annual Conference

Conversation, Collaboration and Democracy  Creative Community Engagement

The Province of Saskatchewan has a long history of progressive community development. It is the first jurisdiction in North America that adopted a Human Rights Charter, embraced a publicly funded Medicare system, and passed labor law that resulted in a 40 hour work week and 8 hour day.

In conjunction with this, the people of the province have a long history of organizing cooperatively and have developed cooperative trusts, foundations, credit unions, farmers organizations and university training and education programs.  Our diversity is our strength. And First Nations and Metis youth play an important role in weaving the future fabric of the province Saskatchewan, like other regions worldwide is evolving - with the very definition of community in a state of flux.  One of the principles of community development deals with the process of meaningful engagement in decision making that affects people lives.  How can we, as developers, facilitate this process?  What is the role of community development in democratic processes?

Conference Partners, the host city Saskatoon, and the 2008 Conference Theme:  Conversation, Collaboration and Democracy.

Conference rates/fees, transportation/hotel, and a preliminary program including pre-conference workshops. visit

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Co-op Developer Training

Co-op Developer Training explores the technical and practical aspects of forming a co-operative and how to assist those interested in starting a co-operative. Potential opportunities and pitfalls that may be encountered during development will be discussed as participants are lead through a 6-step approach to co-operative development.

The 6-step development process includes: Pre-development, group building and establishing the form of the co-operative, planning and organizing the co-operative’s business, finance, implementation and launch, aftercare, followup and mentoring.

This 2-day workshop is designed for community and co-operative economic developers.

2008 Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Day --- May 24, 2008!

2008 Saskatchewan Co-operative Youth Day --- May 24, 2008!

It’s time to start planning!

Do you want to celebrate youth involvement in co-ops in Saskatchewan? If you are interested in organizing a Co-op Youth Day event in your community, or you would like a co-op in your community to organize an event, contact us for the Co-op Youth Day Planning Toolkit to help get you started!


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