An Analysis of Winnipeg’s Information and Computer Technology Industry Within a Community Economic Development Framework

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Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy
Melodie Friesen and Ian Hudson

The objective of this research is to analyze the extent to which the information and computer technology (ICT) industry in Winnipeg contributes to or detracts from the objectives of community economic development (CED). Using survey data supplemented by Statistics Canada data, it appears as though the ICT industry does contribute significantly (although undoubtedly unintentionally) to meeting some CED goals, while failing to advance others. Those goals that are not met by the ICT industry, such as community participation, are those that are inevitably difficult for private, for-profit firms. Useful tools include a list of seven CED objectives, each objective matched with indicators that can be used to analyze the success or failure of organizations or industries in meeting those objectives.

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