Canadian National Social Enterprise Sector Survey Report 2016

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Social Enterprise Sector Survey
Peter R Elson, Peter Hall, Priscilla Wamucii

Canadian National Social Enterprise Sector Survey Report 2016In 2014 and 2015, the Social Enterprise Sector Survey, under the direction of Peter Elson (Mount Royal University) and Peter Hall (Simon Fraser University) with critical support from provincial partnerts, collected impact data from non-profit social enterprises in all provinces and territories of Canada (except Quebec, where the Comité sectoriel de main d’oeuvre économie sociale et action communautaire conducted an independent sector survey).

1,350 of more than 7,000 confirmed social enterprises across Canada reported at least $1.19 billion in revenues, including over $828 million in sales. They paid at least $442 million in wages and salaries to 31,000 employees, of whom 76% were mission-focused employees. Social enterprises across Canada also trained 116,000 people, provided services to over 5.48 million individuals, and involved 116,000 volunteers.

A series of sector summary sheets highlighting enterprises with a focus on culture, environment, poverty,  disability, urban/rural, age, employment, training for workforce integration and income generation for a parent organization; and a full national report, all provincial reports, working papers and a list of local funders and partners are available at

Download the Canadian National Social Enterprise Sector Report

CCEDNet-Ontario and CCEDNet-Manitoba were both povincial partners.

National Social Enterprise Report ReleasedThis survey was made possible with the support of Enterprising Non‐Profits Canada, Mount Royal University and Simon Fraser University. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Employment and Social Development Canada.​

Table of Contents

   Overview And Purpose 
   What Is A Social Enterprise?  
   Impact Summary 
Part I: National Survey Highlights  
Part II: Social Enterprises: A Profile  
   Scale Of Operation 
   Mission Focus
   Social Enterprise Incorporation 
   Sources Of Grants And Purpose  
   Sources Of Loans And Purpose 
   Social Enterprise Relationship With Parent Organization 
   Areas Of Focus
Social Enterprises: People  
   Employment And Poverty Focus  
   Disability Focus
   Population Served 
Social Enterprises: People + Product
   Business Sectors
Financial Results
   Average Revenue And Expenses In 2013/14 
Appendix A: Provincial Comparisons
Appendix B: Mission Comparisons
Appendix C: Focus And Location Comparisons
Appendix D: Age And Purpose Comparisons
Appendix E: Survey Highlights
Appendix F: Methodology
Appendix G: Distribution Tables
Appendix H:  Business Sector Classifications 

Research report
Research & Development
Social Economy & Social Enterprise

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