The Case for Community Wealth Building

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Joe Guinan, Martin O'Neill

Our broken economic model drives inequality and disempowerment, lining the pockets of corporations while extracting wealth from local communities. How can we reverse this? 

Joe Guinan and Martin O’Neill argue for an approach that uses the power of democratic participation to drive equitable development and ensure that wealth is widely shared. They show how this model – Community Wealth Building – can transform our economic system by creating a web of collaborative institutions, from worker cooperatives to community land trusts and public banks, that empower and enrich the many, not the few.

This book is essential reading for everyone interested in building more equal, inclusive, and democratic societies.

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  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Introduction - Economic Change, Starting at the Local Level
  • Chapter One - What is Community Wealth Building?
  • Chapter Two - Taking Control: Arguing for Community Wealth Building
  • Chapter Three - Community Wealth Building and the Institutional Turn: Routes to a Democratic Economy
  • Further Reading and Resources for Action
  • Notes
Community ownership
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Local economy

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