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Women and Environments

Mission Statement Women & Environments

International examines women’s multiple relations to environments – natural, built and social – from intersectional feminist and anti-racist perspectives. It has provided a forum for academic research and theory, professional practice and community experience since 1976. It is published by a volunteer editorial board and contributes to feminist social change. The magazine is associated with the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, and has previously been associated with the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto.

Women & Environments International Magazine:

ISSN 1499-1993, was founded as Women & Environments in 1976. From Fall 1997 to Summer 2001 it published under the title WE International. Women & Environments International is indexed in Alternative Press Index, Canadian Periodical Index, Social Sciences Index and Women’s Studies Abstracts. Starting in 2017, issues are published online at: www.weimagazine.com

The information and views in this publication are those of the authors and contributors to WEI Magazine and do not necessarily reflect the views of WEI Magazine, its Editorial Board or the Editorial Team. WEI Magazine and its Editorial Board accept no responsibility for the intellectual integrity of the content in this publication. Neither WEI Magazine nor any person acting on WEI Magazine’s behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of the information contained in this publication.

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