Global Study on Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship

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International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives (CICOPA)

Global Study on Youth Cooperative EntrepreneurshipAn increasing interest has been observed in recent years on how cooperatives can, amongst other things, be a concrete tool in the hands of young people for improving their employment conditions and access to entrepreneurship. This study, which is part of the CICOPA campaign on youth cooperative entrepreneurship, “We own it! The future of work is ours”, is intended to introduce some considerations into the debate regarding the main points of interests and challenges for establishing worker, social and independent producers’/workers’ cooperatives amongst young people, in a worldwide context marked by new technologies, shifting sectoral trends and a changing world of work.

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Its ambition is to be a source of inspiration for further debates and research, a tool at the disposal of the cooperative movement to promote a better understanding among policy makers of the potential of  cooperatives for young people. It is based on desk research and on the results of an online survey involving more than 60 youth cooperatives organized as worker, social and independent producers’/workers’ cooperatives in the five continents.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement Foreword By Sebastien Chaillou. Chair Of Thee International Cooperative Alliance Youth Network
About This Study 

Chapter 1: A Global Portrait Of Youth Employment And Preliminary Considerations On The Contribution Of Cooperatives 
   1.1. Overall Trends
   1.2. A Changing World Of Work: Especially For Young People?
   1.3. Building A Better Future For Young People: Preliminary Considerations On The Contribution Of Cooperatives 
Chapter 2: Some Insights From The Experience Of Young Cooperators 
   2.1. Methodological Notes And Limitations Of This Study
   2.2. Preliminary Picture Of The Sample
   2.3. Economic Situation And Development Perspectives
   2.4. Environment Conditions And Expectations About The Future
   2.5. The Cooperative Experience For Young Cooperators 
Chapter 3 A Supportive Environment For Young Cooperators 
   3.1. The Cooperative Environment
   3.2. The Policy Environment: Policies Encouraging Cooperative Entrepreneurship Among Young People 
   Conclusions And Bibliography 
   Annex I: Global Survey On Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship
   Annex Ii: List Of Figures
   Annex Iii: List Of Tables 


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