Mapping the Social Shift: Nova Scotia's Social Enterprise Sector

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Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia
Chloe Donatelli, Annika Voltan, Doug Lionais

Mapping the Social ShiftMapping the Social Shift: Nova Scotia’s Social Enterprise Sector Survey Report is the third province-wide survey conducted on the social enterprise sector. This survey set out to gather perspectives from a wide range of social enterprises and potential social enterprises, not only the most established but also those not previously considered, to begin mapping the future of the sector and opportunities for further connection and support.

The findings from the 2017 social enterprise sector survey demonstrate that the social enterprise sector within the province is alive and well. Social enterprises spread across Nova Scotia continue to meet diverse community needs that enhance the social, cultural, economic and environmental fabric of our communities. In addition, they sell products and services that strengthen their ability to meet their missions while also making a significant financial contribution; survey respondents indicated they earned an aggregated $179 million dollars in revenue in 2016.

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The key findings outlined to the right give a snapshot of some of the most important conclusions that can be drawn from the data. Some of the findings shed light on new and emerging trends in the sector, such as perspectives on how social enterprises view themselves, while others only helped build confidence in already existing beliefs held about the sector, such as their resourcefulness.

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Figures
Executive Summary

   Key Findings
Setting the Context

   Understanding the Social Economy in Nova Scotia
   Defining Social Enterprise
Research Design and Methodology
   Research Purpose
   Creating the Catalogue
   Data Collection
   Data Cleaning
What do Social Enterprises in Nova Scotia do?
   Legal Structure
   Note on Enterprising-Activity and Mission-Activity Data
   Objectives and Mission
   Products and Services
   Progress on Impact
Who Works in the Social Enterprise Sector in Nova Scotia?
   Respondent Profile
   Labour Force Numbers
   Labour Force Demographics
   Employee Benefits
Financial Profile and Contribution
   Note on Financial Data
   Financial Results
   Sources and Purpose of Finance
How do Social Enterprises See Themselves?
   Use of Social Enterprise Language
   Sectoral and Organizational Role
   Resourcefulness of the Sector
   Entrepreneurial Orientation
What do Social Enterprises Need?
   Access to Resources
   Priorities for Organizational Development
   Sectoral Support

   Appendix A: Map of Respondents
   Appendix B: Questionnaire
   Appendix C: Main Social, Environmental and Cultural Objectives
   Appendix D: Demographic Groups Served as Part of the Mission
   Appendix E: Products and Services Sold


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