The Partnership Facilitator's Guide

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Human Resources Development Canada
Ken King, Anne Smith and Flo Frank

This facilitator’s guide is intended to assist you in facilitating a discussion about partnerships with people who have read through The Partnership Handbook. The Handbook was created by the Labour Market Learning and Development Unit of Human Resources Development Canada. It was designed to support the understanding and effective implementation of community partnerships.

The objective of the partnership workshop is to provide an opportunity to explore in greater detail issues and ideas raised in The Partnership Handbook. In addition, for those participants in an existing partnership, the objectives of the workshop are:

  • to assist the participants in evaluating their own partnership activity;
  • to identify the issues and challenges within the partnership;
  • to priorize the identified issues and challenges; and
  • to assist the group to develop strategies for responding to as many of these issues and challenges as possible.

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Community Capacity Building
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Introduction to CED
Organizational Development
Partnership Building
Planning and Evaluation

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