Quality of Life CHALLENGE: Fostering Engagement, Collaboration and Inclusion

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The Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Eric Leviten-Reid and Anne Makhoul

How do comprehensive, multisectoral initiatives contribute to poverty reduction? The six Trail Builders in Vibrant Communities are experimenting with a variety of approaches. This series documents their experiences. For each Trail Builder, an initial story will present the key ideas guiding its work: how local partners understand poverty, the role they can play in reducing poverty, the goals they have set and the key strategies they will use to achieve results. Subsequent stories will provide annual updates on progress, challenges, lessons and subsequent adjustments. Vibrant Communities is a pan-Canadian initiative in which representatives from 15 urban centres have come together to explore local solutions to poverty. Trail Builder initiatives will provide insights that fuel the learning within Vibrant Communities and with others interested in the role that collaborations can play in tackling poverty.

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Case study
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Partnership Building
Stories and Experiences

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