Understanding the Real Advantage: Maximizing High-Speed Technology to Enhance Production and Encourage Growth in Rural Areas

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Manitoba Research Alliance on CED in the New Economy
Chaboille Community Development Corporation

The main purpose of this research project is to determine what factors are obstructing high-speed Internet use in the rural district of St-Pierre-Jolys and the RM of De Salaberry. Two additional objectives are related to this main purpose: to determine what are the needs and methods, which will expand high-speed utilization in this rural district, and to demonstrate how high-speed Internet applications have benefited those who have already integrated this technology to their operations. This report includes case studies of successful use of high-speed technology by businesses from various sectors including; agriculture and farms, retail and service, tourism, consultants and professionals, food service, manufacturing, non-profit organizations and institutions and governments.

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Research report
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Community Capacity Building
Rural CED
Science & Technology
Sector-Based Strategies

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