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Scott Cameron

Calgary , Alberta

We are a relatively new company that brings considerable knowledge of the human services, community and government sectors to the table.

bassa is a term borrowed from the world of music, and indicates that notes are to be performed one octave lower than written - that's a deep sound. In music, like consulting, depth is important in grounding the chord or providing a foundation upon which a chord is performed. bassa Social Innovations goes deep, we provide our clients with foundational perspectives upon which their community investment strategies can perform.

Champs d'expertise: Renforcement des capacités communautaires, Cadres et approches conceptuels, Arts et culture, Premières Nations, Inuit et Métis, Gouvernement, Renforcement de partenariats, Planification et évaluation, Développement et promotion des politiques, Survivants psychiatriques, Développement régional, Recherche et développement, DÉC en milieu rural, Stratégies sectorielles, Économie sociale et entreprise sociale, Développement durable

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