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Shirley Thompson

Winnipeg , Manitoba

A committed and world-renowned team has joined hands to help implement a community-led programming on housing, food, education and other community needs at Wasagamack First Nation and Garden Hill First Nation. This community-led program have strong commitment from the employment and training directors to engage and support students at the community level. The employment and training directors, Elsie Monias at Garden Hill First Nation (GHFN) and Ernie Harper at Wasagamack First Nation (WFN), have worked in this capacity for many years and will promote the program and recruit students that match the academic requirements and support them to apply for these student placements. They also have experience with apprenticeships, having built three timber houses at GHFN and conducted water/sewer retrofits at WFN, with designated apprenticeship trainers. The two employment and training directors are committed to this partnership and will facilitate the application of local students for these student positions and provide payment for their project-based programming, as indicated in their letters of support.

The first year will focus on building community capacity and training local instructors with a certified post-secondary Adult Education Certificate who are experts in different priority areas to undertake the adult education certificate. As part of this training, they will be supported in developing their curriculum and learning tools to teach the community-led project-based course they are expert in.

Partnership team from social enterprise (Sundial Building Performance, Indigenous Development Support Services, Aki Energy ) and education (Camille Callison, UoM, Patricia, Brandon U, Wilder Robles, Brandon U, Shirley Thompson, UoM, Jay Cowan, Anokiiwin Training Institute, Dennis Ballard, University College of the North, Dr. Rashwan (RRC), Hill-Mallory (UoM), Coar (UoM) and Kavgic (UoM).

Champs d'expertise: Communications, Renforcement des capacités communautaires, Coopératives, Arts et culture, Programmes d'éducation, Développement de l'employabilité, Entrepreneuriat et développement d'entreprises, Environnement, Premières Nations, Inuit et Métis, Sécurité alimentaire, Santé, Logement et immobilier, Nouveaux arrivants, Développement et promotion des politiques, Développement régional, Recherche et développement, DÉC en milieu rural, Économie sociale et entreprise sociale, Développement durable, Femmes

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