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Laurie Cook

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Musquodoboit Harbour , Nouvelle-Écosse

Laurie Cook is a specialist in innovation and leadership. She has a Masters in Adult Education specializing in Community Development from St. Francis Xavier University, and a journalism degree from the University of King's College. She is also President of CCED-Net.

Laurie is also a cofounder of 42 Canada, a new initiative to connect grassroots change makers and groups across the country on a very local level. Contact if interested in more information.

Champs d'expertise: Communications, Renforcement des capacités communautaires, Cadres et approches conceptuels, Coopératives, Programmes d'éducation, Entrepreneuriat et développement d'entreprises, Renforcement de partenariats, Planification et évaluation, Développement et promotion des politiques, Développement régional, DÉC en milieu rural, Économie sociale et entreprise sociale, Femmes

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