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Calgary , Alberta

Central to Momentum's work in community economic development are the principles of the sustainable livelihoods model, which is based on the notion that in order for a person to be resilient, they need to build strength in five different asset areas. Those areas are personal, physical, social, human and financial.

Momentum partners with people in building their own assets through the programs that we offer to individuals in Calgary.
Individuals can build their assets at Momentum in three areas:

Business Development, where they can pursue self-employment as a means of primary or supplementary income;

Financial Literacy, where they can learn money management skills and learn to pay themselves first by saving; and

Skills Training, where new Canadians and Aboriginal persons can build new skills that enhance career opportunities.

Through these programs thousands of individuals have built a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families.

However, at Momentum, we understand that building the resilience of individuals is only one part of the equation. In order to prevent people from having to make ends meet on low incomes in the first place, changes need to be made at a community level.

It's this understanding that guides Momentum's community leadership work in collaborative and policy initiatives.

At Momentum, we feel that this two-fold approach is the most effective way to work towards of vision of a city where every person has a sustainable livelihood and contributes to the community.

Champs d'expertise: Renforcement des capacités communautaires, Programmes d'éducation, Développement de l'employabilité, Entrepreneuriat et développement d'entreprises, Environnement, Finance, Collecte de fonds, Nouveaux arrivants, Bulletins et groupes de discussion, Renforcement de partenariats, Planification et évaluation, Survivants psychiatriques, Témoignages et expériences, Développement durable, Développement urbain, Femmes, Jeunesse

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