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Mosaic Newcomer Family Resources Network

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Winnipeg , Manitoba
Organization Description:

Mosaic is a neighbourhood language learning program, and family resource network. The agency’s aim is to provide English classes with quality child care for newcomer parents. The classes help participants develop English language skills and a social network while their children socialise in a safe and educational environment.

Mosaic offers a range of family programming throughout the year and throughout the city of Winnipeg. We have developed programmes like Nobody’s Perfect to be accessible for newcomers with low benchmark levels. Our goal is to help newcomers adjust to life in Canada so that they can become active, participating members of their new community.

Many newcomer parents find parenting in Canada a daunting task. There are social and legal responsibilities that are new for them. Mosaic programmes focus on child and parent attachment. We emphasis parents as the child’s first teacher, and we encourage newcomer parents to share the wealth of parenting information that they bring from their culture.

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