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West Central Women’s Resource Centre

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Winnipeg , Manitoba

Champs d'expertise: Renforcement des capacités communautaires, Développement de l'employabilité, Logement et immobilier, Survivants psychiatriques, Femmes

Organization Description:

We work toward achieving our vision using a Women Centered Approach, informed by the lived experience of the diverse women in our community. We also use the following to guide our work, words and actions: Empowerment Framework - A capacity building framework with 4 stages of empowerment (breaking social isolation, networking, awareness, action). Harm Reduction – Taking steps to reduce harm in people’s lives by valuing where they are and helping them move to a place of less harm. Multi-level Approach - Working simultaneously in many spheres (the individual, family, community and systemic). Community Economic Development - Supporting local goods, services, investment, employment, decision making and skill building while promoting neighbourhood sustainability, human dignity and the environment.

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