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The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF)

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Toronto , Ontario

The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) is a community economic development organization that is grounded in the former City of York in northwest Toronto.
LEF provides integrated and holistic community responsive initiatives that enable individuals and families to become valued contributors to their community’s social and economic development.
LEF has been serving the former city of York in northwest Toronto for more than 35 years. Since 1978, we have developed from a youth theatre project into one of the leading community economic development organizations in Toronto, with over 300 employees serving more than 10,000 people every year.
We pride ourselves on our range of programming, driven by the needs of our community. We offer employment and settlement services, skills advancement programs, language training, childcare services, youth programs, entrepreneurship and a range of community enterprises.

Champs d'expertise: Renforcement des capacités communautaires, Programmes d'éducation, Développement de l'employabilité, Entrepreneuriat et développement d'entreprises, Bulletins et groupes de discussion, Renforcement de partenariats, Planification et évaluation, Développement et promotion des politiques, Stratégies sectorielles, Économie sociale et entreprise sociale

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