Chris Voss

Communities 4 Families

Mentor, Facilitator

Chris Voss is mentor and facilitator at Communities 4 Families. She is a trainer for the Wiggle Giggle and Munch activity and nutrition program and is a skilled oral storyteller for a variety of resiliency based workshops.    Chris’ goal is to make every interaction fun and meaningful. She is from Brazil and has her second degree in Applied Psychology from Booth University College. Chris has three years of training in parenting and literacy programs and six years of experience volunteering with newcomers.

Chris’s experience, knowledge, and working hours in our community reinforced her eagerness to help families and make new connections. She is all about building relationships and communities. No matter the setting, if it is online or in-person, she has the flexibility to adapt any program to the demand.

Chris is a friendly and outgoing person with a positive attitude. She loves storytelling and is up to any challenge. Living in Winnipeg since 2015 makes Chris love every moment outside. She loves everything, from +40 to -40 degrees Celsius!