Frances Ravinsky

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Frances Ravinsky has worked for over 3 decades as a family therapist, educator, and social development facilitator in First Nations and urban social services. Her primary focus has been on early years and parenting, healing and wellness, and socially-engaged art. The art form that most interests her at this time links oral storytelling to digital editing technology. Frances is certified as a digital storytelling facilitator through University of Colorado and Story Center.

Frances has been a story gatherer all her life; an eavesdropper and nosy parker; a seeker of stories larger than the atrocity stories her father told her as a child about pogroms and the Holocaust. She loves the way we humans use art to tell authentic, multi-layered stories; particularly stories that come out of our own life experiences and those of our ancestors. Frances believes that it is these stories that best guide us in our efforts to create a sweeter and more just world.