Jessica da Silva

Youth Agencies Alliance


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Jessica da Silva has a Master’s in Political Science from University of Manitoba and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Escola Superior de Administração e Marketing, Brazil. She has been volunteering and employed with the charitable and non-profit sector with a focus in youth, women’s issues, and community building. She is currently working at Youth Agencies Alliance (YAA). YAA is a collective voice that strengthens and enhances the capacity of youth serving agencies in Winnipeg. Jessica believes that in order to create a more equitable and just society we need to rethink and reconstruct our social norms, institutions and relations. Because they were built on ideologies (i.e. capitalism, racism, patriarchy, Christianity) that foments gender, economic and racial inequalities, discrimination and violence around the globe. Accordingly, she wants to be an active member and supporter of organizations, programs, initiatives, and movements that transcend our so-called normal, creating a society that prioritizes equality, respect for nature and all forms of life, and a better future for everyone. To do so, we need to put human rights at the centre of our decision-making process, recognizing that the inherent dignity and the access to equal and inalienable rights to all is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace.”