Community Planning

CANDO (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers)

Year: 2014

This is part of the Cando Guidebook Series relating to the competencies of the Cando Certification Process. Valuable tools to help Aboriginal Economic Development Officers in their day-to-day work!

Other guidebooks in the series include:

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Table of Contents:

Section One   Understanding Community Planning
Module 1   Defining Community Planning
Development Tool   Understanding Your Own Community
Module 2   Overview Of The Community Planning Cycle
Development Tool   Participation In The Community Planning Process
Module 3   Phases In The Community Planning Process
Section Two   Why Community Planning?
Module 4   The Importance Of Community Planning
Development Tool   Your Involvement In Planning
Module 5   Different Types Of Community Plans
Section Three   When Is The Community Ready To Act?
Module 6   Assessing Community Readiness
Development Tool   Review Of Community Vitality Assessment Tool
Module 7   Plan For Planning
Development Tool   Planning For Community Involvement Worksheet
Development Tool   Inventory Of Community Members To Involve In Planning
Module 8   Gathering Background Information
Module 9   Conducting A Situational Analysis
Module 10   Creating A Vision Statement
Module 11   Develop Strategies
Module 12   Developing An Action Plan
Module 13   Write, Implement, Monitor And Evaluate Community Plan