2008 CCEDNet AGM – View the three (3) resolutions to be presented at the AGM

May 2, 2008

The Canadian CED Network’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being held on May 24th at our National CED Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


1.Kyoto Protocol

Sponsors: Yvon Poirier and Ethel Côté

WHEREAS the government of Canada has officially adhered to the Kyoto Declaration

AND WHEREAS Global warming is affecting communities in Canada and all over the world

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED CCEDNet demands that the Canadian government abide strictly by the Kyoto protocol to reduce the emission of global warming gases and that programs be put forward to help communities meet the standards advanced by the protocol, namely programs that support communities in their development of locally owned renewable energies.

2. Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness

Sponsors: Yvon Poirier and Ethel Côté

WHEREAS the Paris Declaration adopted in 2005 on aid effectiveness does not recognize civil society as an important actor in the social and economic development of societies, and excluded civil society in the discussions and consultations leading to the formulation of the policies

AND WHEREAS International Development NGO’S and other partners are advocating that civil society be included in future policies and in the discussions leading up to their formulation,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CCEDNet supports those leading the discussions, organization efforts and advocacy work of Civil Society Organizations in preparation for the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF 3) to take place in Accra in September 2008, and insists that both Canadian civil society and government understand and support civil society as an effective channel of aid delivery.

3. Make Poverty History

Sponsors: Yvon Poirier and Ethel Côté

WHEREAS reducing poverty is one of the main objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG);

AND WHEREAS the Make Poverty History Campaign is a global civil society network that is at the forefront of this struggle; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CCEDNet officially joins the campaign and invites its membership to do the same, and asks the federal and provincial governments to put in place policies and programs to eliminate poverty in Canada and in the world, such as the ones recommended by Make Poverty History.