Applications Now Open for Red River College’s Diploma Program for Community Economic Development

June 6, 2016

Red River College CD/CED Program Recruitment Workshop: June 22nd, 9:30am to 12:00pmThe Red River College Community Development/ Community Economic Development Program has space for 25 students for the 2016 -2017 school year. The program is the only CD/CED training program in Manitoba and prepares students with a host of skills to work in community based organizations on a variety of issues and settings. 

Join the Program Recruiting Workshop Thursday June 22, from 9:30am to noon. 

What is Community Development/ Community Economic Development?

Community Development/Community Economic Development (CD/CED) is a two-year diploma program that prepares graduates to become facilitators of change in communities that may be experiencing multiple barriers to development.

What Can You Expect to Learn?

  1. Red River College's Diploma Program for Community Economic DevelopmentPractice CD/CED principles universally, to build sustainable, healthy and equitable communities.
  2. Foster trust relationships and build social capital, creative viable teams and networks able to sustain the community development/community economic development process.
  3. Mobilize and empower communities for leadership and critical thinking, through facilitation, education, capacity building, power-sharing, advocating and mentoring.
  4. Communicate across cultures and sectors using visual, written and oral methods to support co-operation and understanding amongst community stakeholders.
  5. Use, adapts and maximize technologies to create and communicate information to communities.
  6. Plan, document and evaluate organizational and community initiatives using a variety of participatory methods.
  7. Support community planning by designing, implementing and reporting on research such as mapping assets, assessing needs and monitoring trends and new practices.
  8. Network to identify, maintain and assess community resources.
  9. Generate revenue and wealth through grants, partnerships, business development and donations; develops funding proposals and business plans; builds and maintains funder relationships; meets reporting requirements.
  10. Manage and administer organizational resources to provide stability and sustainability.
  11. Use human resource management principles to build, motivate and manage staff and volunteers within a safe environment.
  12. Demonstrate personal integrity, reliability, ethics, accountability, and resourcefulness in all roles.

Who Should Apply?

Community developers often refer to themselves as ‘agents of change’. Is this you? If you have an interest in social justice, community action, and mobilization and like to work with people in an inclusive manner this program could be for you.

More information about the CD/CED Program

For more information call (204) 632-2003