Become a CED Investor: A Manitoba Guide to Community Investment Opportunities

January 13, 2014

Making investments in people & communities
You often hear about bull and bear markets on Wall Street – but what about the people on Main Street? Several members of the Canadian CED Network provide opportunities for individual investors to make meaningful community impacts with their money. Moving beyond charity, these investment opportunities allow you to actively participate in the growth and development of projects and enterprises that create jobs, reduce poverty, and build community.

This guide provides THREE exciting opportunities that CCEDNet members are offering for you to invest in creating equitable and sustainable communities and economies here in Manitoba and beyond.

Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit
With the Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit, you can contribute to the growth of important community initiatives and receive a 30% tax credit on your investment. An investment through the CED Tax Credit will help create jobs for Manitobans and support the work of community enterprises that are revitalizing neighbourhoods and creating a more sustainable and equitable local economy. 

Here’s how it works: Manitobans can invest up to $30,000 annually into eligible community enterprises, such as co-operatives, to be used towards the development, growth or expansion of their business operations. Investors will then receive a 30% personal income tax credit from the Province of Manitoba. Click here to visit the Province of Manitoba’s webpage on the CED Tax Credit for more information.

Peg City Car Co-op (CCEDNet member) is among several community enterprises using the CED Tax Credit to attract individual investors in Manitoba. Peg City is Manitoba’s first and only car sharing co-op.  Purchasing an investment share with Peg City Car Co-op is an investment in the future of a locally owned co-op that is governed by its members. Last year Peg City raised $66,800 which funded the doubling of their fleet, and made carsharing available to more than 250 Winnipeggers. The Co-op’s goal for 2014 is to raise another $50,000 by March 31. Investment shares are available in $100 increments.  

Community Loan Investment Funds
Community Loan Investment Funds are flexible financing tools that can be used to support community-based projects that might not qualify for traditional financing. The Jubilee Fund (CCEDNet Member) is a Winnipeg-based community investment fund that helps to finance community businesses, housing projects and social services that contribute to community well-being. How you can get involved: The Jubilee Fund offers Investment Certificates as three or five year term deposits. Click here to learn more.


Socially Responsible Investment Funds
Socially Responsible Investment Funds look for strong financial performance as well as strong social and environmental performance when selecting investments. Assiniboine Credit Union (CCEDNet Member), for example, offers its members the opportunity to invest in SRI mutual funds. They use a number of socially responsible investment strategies, including ESG analysis (the process of considering Environmental, Social and Governance factors when selecting investments), shareholder engagement and action, negative screening and community investing. Read more

The Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy
Learn how financial capital can be a restorative rather than a coercive agent as it supports enterprises and practices that empower individuals and regenerate the land, local communities, and global economies in which they operate.  Read more