Call for Proposals for the Global Social Economy Forum

November 4, 2015

Be there! We’re talking about your concerns!

global social economy forum3 days, over 30 workshops, site visits and hundreds of meeting opportunities to:

  • Share your best practices and learn about others in the social and solidarity economy taking place around the planet in collaboration with local governments.
  • Identify opportunities and issues regarding coordinated action between your local governments and SSE stakeholders
  • Promote coordinated international actions to foster the development of the SSE in your area.
  • Share your best practices for the development of cities supported by local governments and learn about others in place elsewhere in the world.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for collaborations between your local governments and SSE actors. 

The central theme

Across the world, the social and solidarity economy (SSE) generates important economic impact, and, more importantly, social innovations that help address the challenges faced by city administrationsand their communities. Whether it is meeting essential needs such as housing and food security, ensuring an adequate quality of life for residents through local services, cultural activities, and other recreational services, or contributing to social cohesion, SSE initiatives create jobs and support the more intelligent and sustainable development of cities. 

More information on the event here

Call for proposals


Have you developed an innovative initiative in collaboration with actors of the social and solidarity economy and/or public agencies, for the development of cities? If so, present it at GSEF2016 and share your experience with the over 2000 participants expected to attend. 

Call for Proposals closing date: January 10, 2016