Campaign: Take Action for Community Economies

November 9, 2021

A new cohort of MPs is headed to Ottawa on November 22nd.  We want to make sure they take action for community economies! 

Supporting community economies is Canada’s best path forward for post-COVID economic recovery that works for everyone.  The best way for the federal government to support community economies is by implementing the 12 recommendations of the Social Innovation and Social Finance Co-creation Steering Group.  These recommendations address social enterprise skill development, social procurement, unlocking private capital, increasing market access, and regulatory changes. 

Call to Action

Please help by contacting your MP about this!  You have a few contact options:

  1. Give them a call, drop in at their office, or ask them for an appointment.  Feel free to use these speaking notes when you talk to them or their staff. 
  2. Send them an email – we’ve prepared a template for you. 
  3. Contact them via social media.  Here is a sample tweet and a sample Facebook post – adapt them as you see fit!

Don’t know your MP?  Find them and their contact information here.

Don’t forget to let us know what you did (email ), and we’ll recognize you and your MP on social media! 

A bit of background

In 2018, the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy Co-Creation Steering Group released its report, Inclusive Innovation: New Ideas and New Partnerships for Stronger Communities.  Following the release of the report, the federal government established the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy and, in 2018, announced a $755M Social Finance Fund and $50M Investment Readiness Program; the 2021-22 federal budget re-affirmed commitments to launch the $755M Social Finance Fund with up to $220M deployed over its first two years, and renewed the Investment Readiness Program for another $50M over two years.  But there has been little action on the remaining recommendations!