CCEDNet Highlights from 2019

May 26, 2020

2019 Highlights

2019 was another dynamic year for the Canadian Community Economic Development Network.  This year in review presents our main activities organized by the strategic priorities set by the Board of Directors, representing the membership as a whole.  

Increase Engagement


We refreshed our logo, with the geese still reminding us that we are stronger together.

EconoUs2019, co-hosted with Community Futures Ontario, in London, ON, showcased how communities are leading innovation with over 400 participants.  

On our journey to strengthen the use of narrative for engaging communications, CCEDNet staff refreshed their skills and continued training in the art of storytelling.

Our online toolbox now has over 1,360 resources and we’ve published 275 blogs.  

In 2019, our websites received over 160,000 visits for news, events, resources and jobs.  

Our regional and national e-newsletters go to more than 2,750 subscribers.

Our twitter account has surpassed 3,700 followers, our Facebook page has 2,340 likes, our LinkedIn account has 527 followers and videos on our YouTube channel have been viewed 32,709 times.  

At EconoUs2019, celebrating the Network’s 20th anniversary, CCEDNet presented the inaugural Stronger Together awards to Stewart Perry, Eunice Grayson and Rankin MacSween.  

Strenghthen Regional Networks



Our 17th annual Manitoba Gathering hosted 400 participants to weave a colaborative future, featuring a keynote panel with Melissa Chung, Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie, and Annetta Armstrong.

Manitoba members participated in a Strategic Check-Up and Emergent Action Plan, orienting activities around building strength, knowledge, connection and power.

Spark, CCEDNet’s pro bono intermediary service in Winnipeg, strenghthened local organizations working on poverty and social justice issues by connecting them with skilled volunteers for short term, high impact matches.  In 2019, 100% of the organizations surveyed said they would recommend the volunteer with whom they were matched.  

CCEDNet partnered with members to undertake engagement activities in Ontario, Alberta and the Maritimes to better understand regional priorities in the context of the emerging federal Investment Readiness Program.

In 2019, as part of the new federal Investment Readiness Program, we began work to support regional social innovation and social finance ecosystem development across the country.

CCEDNet supported the BC Community Impact Investment Forum, convening community finance leaders for peer learning and sector development.

Support Community Organizing

CCEDNet started a Local Organizing for Fair Economies Community of Practice, with members and participants from across the country connecting and exploring how local organizing principles and approaches can contribute to the creation of more sustainable, fair and inclusive economies.

CCEDNet became the Canadian Hub of the Social Enterprise Academy in 2019, launching the Community Leadership Program, and joining a global network of 13 other national hubs. In its first year, CCEDNet trained 4 facilitators and 77 learners in 3 organizations.

CCEDNet hosted four national webinars to celebrate our 20th anniversary, learning organizing lessons from our history with Stewart Perry and Nancy Neamtan, and looking to the future with Power Lab.  

Special Projects



The Social Enterprise Ecosystem project (S4ES) reached over 15,000 social enterprise leaders throughout Canada with online and in-person training and coaching, social procurement and impact measurement resources and by hosting the Social Enterprise Council of Canada’s conference in Gatineau, Québec.   

CCEDNet continued as a partner in the Common Approach to Impact Measurement, a community-owned, flexible impact measurement standard for social purpose organizations.

CCEDNet continued work with Social Enterprise Toronto on a five-year longitudinal study of the impacts of Work Integration Social Enterprises.  

CCEDNet became host for the Community Data Program, facilitating local access to evidence for effective and responsive policy and program design across the country.

Work on Ontario’s Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund ended early following changes in government priorities.  

Advance Policy Priorities

CCEDNet’s Policy Council updated our National Policy Priorities in advance of the federal election, and promoted them to all parties and members.  

CCEDNet Manitoba unveiled its Public Policy Roadmap and promoted member policy resolutions as part of the provincial election campaign.  The annual Policy Summit was hosted in November 2019 to build knowledge, connections, and power surrounding key public policy priorities among members. 

CCEDNet Manitoba also contributed to various social policy coalitions such as Make Poverty History Manitoba.  We Want to Work, a coalition supported by CCEDNet staff, combined with Manitoba Building Trades and other community stakeholders, worked to encourage social procurement at the City of Winnipeg.

CCEDNet’s Board began work on a Theory of Change to better align and direct our efforts.  

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