CCEDNet Manitoba Members Win Awards

December 7, 2010

Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards 2010

Credit Union Central of Canada

  • Duane NicolWinner of the ‘Be the Voice’ 2010 Contest

Manitoba Co-operative Association Awards 2010

The Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards 2010

The Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards honour people, projects and ideas that successfully turn the province’s principles and guidelines of sustainable development into concrete and lasting achievements. On November 25, four CCEDNet members and partners were acknowledged and celebrated for their contributions to building stronger, more sustainable communities.

Building Urban Industries for Local Development, Inc. (BUILD)

BUILD, a member of and nominated by CCEDNet, was presented with the Action on Climate Change, Air Quality and Energy Efficiency Award for its work in providing energy retrofits in lower income housing, and for improving overall socio-economic well-being by providing supportive training and employment opportunities for low-income individuals.

The Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

The BNRC, also a CCEDNet member, received Honourable Mention for making measurable improvements in reducing greenhouse gases and increasing energy efficiency through its Brandon Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP) and the Community Led Emission Reduction (CLER) pilot project.

Diversity Food Services

Diversity Food Services was nominated by CCEDNet, and is partly owned by SEED Winnipeg, a CCEDNet member. Diversity received the Education for Sustainability Award for its work in training and employing inner-city residents, and its committment to using locally sourced, organic, and fair-trade ingredients in their nutritious and affordable menu.

Fresh Option Organic Delivery (FOOD)

FOOD received the Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability Award for working with local producers to strengthen Manitoba’s organic market and increase the sustainability of our food system. CCEDNet has proudly collaborated with FOOD on the Farm to Cafeteria Working Group, and other food policy initiatives.

Credit Union Central of Canada – Be the Voice Contest

For this year’s Be the Voice Contest, the National Young Leaders Committee challenged credit union leaders under 40 to submit their ideas on the next innovation opportunity in banking for the Canadian Credit Union System.

Duane Nicol

Duane Nicol is manager of corporate social responsibility at Assiniboine Credit Union, Deputy Mayor of Selkirk, and a CCEDNet member. His “radically simple” idea to make credit unions more convenient and flexible for their members has earned him the top prize in this year’s national Be the Voice Contest.

Click here to read his winning submission.

Manitoba Co-operative Association Awards

The Manitoba co-op movement annually recognizes individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the promotion of cooperative values and to the development and success of cooperatives serving Manitoba, Canada and internationally. This year, the following CCEDNet members were acknowledged at the 21st MCA Awards Gala in October.

David Kerr

David Kerr was a co-recipient of this year’s Cooperative Merit Award for his lifelong commitment to co-operative development. David had an illustrious  career with the Province of Manitoba, and now works as an independent
cooperative developer and is a member of the Cooperative Community Strategy working group on the creation of a more supportive environment for the establishment and ongoing operation of cooperatives.

Evan Bownes

Evan Bowness is a sociology graduate student at the University of Manitoba and President of the South Osborne Urban Community Cooperative. He was the recipient of this year’s Manitoba Cooperative Association Youth Leadership Award for his work raising awareness and providing programming that helps to connect community members to the food that they eat. The South Osborne UCC currently  runs a local food buying club, a community conversation series, an intergenerational gardening project and fruit and garden share programs.