CCEDNet responds to the CRA’s proposed guidelines for fundraising

September 11, 2008

CCEDNet is excited by the CRA’s initiative to address recent issues of accountability and appropriate activity for charities in Canada. We feel that this is a great opportunity to build stronger relationships and trust between the public and charitable organizations and to better articulate acceptable charitable fundraising activities.

Fundraising activities are extremely important to the work and sustainability of charities and the Income Tax Act must reflect this reality while also outlining what is acceptable within the fundraising activities of charitable organizations. We feel strongly that no responsible charity would deny that the public has a right to know as clearly as possible how the finances of a charity work, particularly as to how a charity disburses its revenue for charitable purposes as distinct from its administrative and fund-raising costs.

CCEDNet has reviewed the CRA’s Proposed Policy and Backgrounder as well as many of the briefings of other involved organizations and key players. We have also sent out a briefing to our members whose feedback has helped to inform our response. We encourage the CRA to take the time to review this response and all other submitted responses, and to continue seeking the input of those who have not been included in current and previous discussions.

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