Announcement, CCEDNet

CCEDNet Recommendations for the 2023 Federal Budget

October 21, 2022

CCEDNet’s 2023 Pre-Budget Brief outlines our priorities and proposals for the next federal budget, namely the full implementation of the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy.

In June 2022, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) invited Canadians to participate in its annual pre-budget consultations in advance of the 2023 federal budget. Following translation, written briefs will be distributed to FINA and posted on the Committee’s website. Selected individuals and organizations will be invited to appear before the Committee. A report on these consultations will be tabled in the House of Commons and will inform the preparation of the Minister of Finance’s next budget.

Elizabeth Milan

Elizabeth leads CCEDNet’s policy efforts. Until recently Elizabeth worked in the federal government as a senior policy advisor on various issues including First Nations health, anti-gender-based violence, and anti-racism. Previously she spent over 15 years in non-government organizations as a fundraiser for social change and as a community developer/social worker with children and youth, women, immigrants and refugees.