CCEDNet Supports Budget Recommendations for Co-ops, Social Enterprise and Minority Language Communities

January 15, 2013

The Canadian CED Network recently wrote to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to express our support for three recommendations in the Standing Committee on Finance’s report on their pre-budget consultations. The report, Jobs, Growth, Productivity and Demographic Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Canada, included recommendations that highlight the need to foster growth in co-operative and social enterprise sectors, and to support minorty language communities.

The recommendations highlighted in CCEDNet’s letter are:

#34. That the federal government consider how to include co-operatives and new forms of social enterprise and social finance in policies and programs.

#35. That, in order to improve opportunities for co-operative development, the federal government create a new partnership with the co-operative sector and Industry Canada

#58. That the federal government renew the Roadmap for Canada’s Linguistic Duality, with a special focus on efficient and targeted support for minority language communities.

CCEDNet is encouraged to see a demonstrated commitment to CED initiatives that create economic opportunities and enhance social and environmental conditions across Canada.