CCEDNet Urges Federal Action on Sustainable Development

April 30, 2013

CCEDNet Board President Caroline Lachance and Policy Council Chair Norman Greenberg recently sent a letter to the leaders and environment critics of all federal parties in the House of Commons, encouraging action demonstrating a stronger commitment to sustainable development. 

CCEDNet is concerned that the effects of climate change and overconsumption of the planet’s natural resources are negatively affecting local communities in Canada and internationally. A renewed commitment to sustainable development is needed to ensure viable livelihoods and healthy communities for current and future generations.

In addition to approving policies, international agreements, and specific measures that bring Canada in line with the many countries of the world that are committed to sustainable development, the letter urges the Government of Canada to support community economic development initiatives that integrate social, economic, and environmental sustainability. This could include making changes to Canada’s Agricultural Policy Framework to support initiatives that promote local and sustainable food and agricultural systems. It could also include empowering communities who are tackling climate change by shifting towards green business models and changing personal consumption patterns. These localized efforts need to be combined with a tangible federal commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting community-led approaches to sustainable development.

The letter concludes with an offer to share examples of how our members are contributing to these innovative practices across Canada, and to discuss ways that community economic development activities can be scaled up to support a sustainable environmental future.

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