CED a Key Strategy in Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Initiative Report

May 13, 2013

Is there enough for all? The Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative (CPRI) believes that there is. In a prosperous and growing city like Calgary, this report asserts that together, Calgarians have the resources to build a resilient community. Those resources are not only financial, but also come in the form of infrastructure, relationships, values and skills—all sites of existing investments.

Yet, despite the abundance in Calgary, many Calgarians also suffer from significant personal and financial distress. Rapid economic and population growth has brought stressors. For many, costs have risen faster than incomes, while infrastructure strains under the demands of growth. Meanwhile, the shared values and sense of community that have sustained the city in the past has been challenged in recent years.

In 2012, CPRI engaged in extensive public consultations involving community members and persons experiencing poverty, along with stakeholders in government, business, the non-profit sector and academia. Through this process a suite of mutually supportive strategic actions has been developed. These actions address the vulnerabilities that lie at the root of poverty through key policy initiatives, strategic program investments, and service enhancements or procedural changes.This strategy is based on the philosophy that there is enough for all, reflecting a belief the city already has the assets needed to thrive. To the extent possible, this strategy therefore aims to redirect resources rather than seek new ones, to build on existing initiatives, and integrate these into existing structures and operations.  


1. My Neighbour’s Strength is My Strength
2. The Roots of Poverty
3. Vision, Mission, Goals and Outcomes
4. Priorities for Action
     4.1 All Calgary Communities are strong, supportive and inclusive
     4.2 Everyone in Calgary has the income and assets needed to thrive
     4.3 Everyone in Calgary can easily access the right supports, services and resources
     4.4 All Aboriginal peoples are equal participants in Calgary’s prosperous future
5. What’s Different About this Strategy?
6. Governance and Implementation

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