CED Response to Manitoba Budget 2013

May 3, 2013

The latest provincial budget, tabled on April 16th, brought surprising new investments in some areas and underwhelming progress in others. Across Manitoba, CED initiatives foster economic revitalization, access to capital, local ownership of resources, labour market development, poverty reduction, social development, and environmental stewardship. Despite the proven impact of the CED approach, communities continue to lack the level of support they need from all levels of government. The Province of Manitoba must take an active role in providing that support. What follows is our analysis of how Budget 2013 responded to CCEDNet – Manitoba’s pre-budget submission that called on the Province to implement our member-endorsed policy resolutions.

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“There isn’t an anti-poverty advocate who would claim that the Manitoba government has not done anything about poverty in this and previous budgets. But the government of Manitoba could have done far better in this budget and we will continue to call upon it to do so.”

Click here for a collaborative response to the Manitoba Budget written by our Kirsten Bernas and Shauna MacKinnon, the outgoing Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative.