Championing the Common Foundations of Impact Measurement Across Canada

May 21, 2020

For the past few months, CCEDNet has been engaged in an initiative to identify Canadian evaluators, consultants, and trainers who can promote and support the Common Approach to Impact Measurement, currently housed at Carleton University. The Common Approach is a community-owned, flexible impact measurement standard that can be used by social purpose organizations to more effectively tell their impact story. It was built on cutting-edge, globally-recognized impact measurement research and the collaborative efforts of non-profits, social purpose organizations, grant makers, investors, and academics. 

As a body that brings together and advocates for the social purpose sector, CCEDNet knows how important it is for organizations to be able to tell their impact story effectively. CCEDNet has been collaborating on the project to ensure that information about the Common Approach reaches not only social purpose organizations but also the evaluators, consultants and trainers who support them in measuring their impact.

Aligned impact evaluators, consultants, and trainers are able to use the Common Approach logo and the Common Foundations icons on their website and promotional materials, which would signal to others in the field that they are leading the growing Common Approach community of practice across the country. 

Want to meet some of the evaluators, consultants, and trainers beginning to work with the Common Foundations? Check out our Common Foundations Champions page.