City of Ottawa CED Funding Program Accepting Applications until April 24

March 29, 2017

city of ottawa

The CIty of Ottawa is seeking project proposals that promote economic development while demonstrating environmental, cultural and/or social benefits.

The Community Economic Development (CED) Funding Program is an annual program that provides financial support to projects that advance: job creation, economic diversity, entrepreneurship and small business development, skills development, innovation, and tourism while also demonstrating environmental, social, and/or cultural benefits.

All applicants must complete the Community Economic Development Funding Program application form for project funding requests.

Request the application form from the CED Program Coordinator by email

Project funding requests could range from $5,000 to a maximum of $50,000. For requests greater than $25,000, a detailed project plan and budget is required as part of the application. The project plan is a summary of the work to be done and details the goals, activities, outcomes, and resources. The plan should be linked to the budget and include timelines for completion. The purchase of goods and services should ensure value for money and must follow ethical and fair procurement practices. Successful applicants must spend the total awarded funding and submit reporting requirements by December 31, 2017.

Projects need to deliver broad, sustainable economic benefits and demonstrate continued benefits after the funding has ended. Additional consideration will be given to projects that advance and foster innovation, promote partnerships, and have other funding sources or in-kind contributions.

The projects/programs must meet the following principal criteria:

  • Demonstrate how they will positively affect the development of the local economy
  • Demonstrate the need for assistance and value for money
  • Demonstrate what environmental, social and/or cultural benefits will likely accrue to the community.

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