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Community Action for Workforce Development Tourist Guide

April 15, 2024

The Community Action for Workforce Development program (CWD) was a CCEDNet initiative funded by the Government of Canada that helped to pilot intersectional, community-led workforce models in the rural communities of Slave Lake, Alberta, Arnprior, Ontario, and Golden, British Columbia. The initiative has helped secure 150 work placements for program participants, with many of them identifying as being from marginalized communities. By the end of its delivery, the CWD program also succeeded in equipping employers with transformational leadership training, as well as action plans related to Clean Economy, Social Inclusion, and Workforce Development. These resources and economic diversification strategies were uniquely tailored to the contexts of each rural community.

Throughout the project, the CWD Team facilitated partnerships between various community-based organizations, public agencies, and small-to-medium sized enterprises. Although all stemming from different industries and sectors, these stakeholders convened regularly so as to empower compatible work placements, advocate for the needs of marginalized Canadians in the job market, and provide wrap-around support like upskilling/ reskilling training.

For me, a highlight of this project has been the opportunity to directly connect with businesses from each rural community. With that in mind, the CWD team has curated a list of locations that we encourage CCEDNet’s membership to visit and explore called the CWD Tourist Guide. The Guide is composed of various museums, local restaurants, shops registered in the CWD program, and more! Check out the list to review worthwhile small businesses that you can support as the summer season approaches!

Gina Malaba

Gina Malaba was CCEDNet’s Community Engagement & Program Support Coordinator for the Community Action for Workforce Development program.