CoopZone Announces Online Co-op Development Training Program 2014-15

May 8, 2014

CoopZone is again accepting applications to its co-op development training courses for 2014-15. Register for free information webinars on May 27th, June 13th, and August 15th or visit to learn more about the programs.

CoopZone is offering various levels of training:

  • The Introduction to Co-op Development course runs from late October through March (but half the number of weeks as the Foundations Program) and is appropriate for people interested in understanding the types and roles of co-ops and the basic co-op development process but who will not be active developers; 
  • The Foundations Program course runs for one year (mid-September – April) for those who may become developers or who are in the position of advising groups interested in exploring the creation of a co-operative enterprise;
  • The Advanced Program (Years 1 and 2) lasts for two years.  This level is designed for people who seek to provide full development services to co-operatives.

All of these on-line courses are designed to fit around a full-time job, taking a few hours per week. The Course Director is Peter Hough, and experienced co-op developers provide mentoring to students.

Any questions should be directed to Peter Hough at .

Download the brochure

Here’s what some of the students have had to say:

“The course is concise, informative and interactive. Mentors and course director are very knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, approachable and helpful. The readings and tools were very useful.”  –Billy Granger, SEED Winnipeg. 

“I would absolutely recommend the CoopZone program to anybody interested.  The course is pretty amazing in the way that it creates a common community amongst us aspiring co-op developers and several fully established and tremendously experienced ones. The instructors are great, and the mentoring system gives me the chance to have hours of one-on-one time with an expert in my desired field.”  –Joel Ratcliffe, Ontario. 

“The Advanced Co-op Developer training has enabled me to connect with other Co-op Developers and a Mentor which allowed me to apply what I am learning directly to the groups and projects I am working on, in real time.  I would recommend this program for anyone interested in Co-op Development as we are often working alone or in small teams in communities; the course allows you to feel part of a co-op team!”  –Amanda Hachey, CEC-NB

“What I like about the program:
• The webinars and online presentations, and the opportunity to connect with others across the country involved in the same work.
• The mentor element is great it’s been wonderful to have access to (my mentor’s) wealth of knowledge and perspectives.
• Access to the CoopZone listserv & tele-learning sessions has been good, too.
• The wonderfully curated and assembled reading materials.
• Learning together with great people–the director, cohort and mentors.”
               –Zoë Creighton, Upper Columbia Co-op Council.