Crowdfunding Campaign Underway for Alberta’s First Solar Co-op

January 27, 2016

Solar FarmsUnlimited Sun Fuel + Community Owned Solar Farm = Power to the People!

Due to a growing need and demand for community owned renewable energy projects, a team of visionaries, co-operative developers and solar experts have come together to form Alberta Solar Co-op. The co-op is currently creating the working model for future community owned solar farms in the province and plans to launch their first project this year.

As a member of the co-operative, Albertans can own part of this 1 – 2 MW grid-connected (distributed generation) solar farm. The 2 MW solar farm will power over 400 homes, offset over 2000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year and will be equivalent to planting over 10,000 trees!

As a member-owned co-operative, the renewable energy projects will be owned and democratically controlled by Albertan members. Not only will the projects increase renewable energy generation in the province and encourage diversification of the province’s robust energy portfolio, members will also have the opportunity to share in the revenue generated from the production of electricity sold to the grid.

Before the Alberta Solar Co-op can launch their first project and invite Albertans to invest in this community owned solar farm, they are asking for your support to help start the first stage of this project. The start-up costs are high and they need your support in order to make this a reality. Once the model for this first project has been created, the co-op plans to replicate it and build more community owned solar farms in Alberta.

Contribute now to the Alberta Solar Co-op Indiegogo campaign

Once the project is finalized, Alberta Solar Co-op will issue investment shares to Albertans who would like to become owners in the project. And as a bonus, these shares will be RRSP and TFSA eligible! Members will be able transfer investment from an existing RRSP/TFSA account into the project.