Do You Know the True Meaning of Wealth?

January 31, 2017

Did you know that the word “wealth” actually comes from the Old English weal—meaning well-being—and th—meaning condition? The word literally means, “the conditions of well-being.”

Wealth isn’t just about your finances. It’s about personal and cultural identity. It’s about skills, knowledge and abilities. It’s about relationships. It’s about having a safe home and access to transportation. Of course, finances play a role in genuine wealth, but they aren’t the factor.

At Momentum, we work with Calgarians living on low incomes so they can build their own genuine wealth, or sustainable livelihood, as we refer to it.

Of course, we have fun along the way. Wealth Auditors, Episode 1 is an example of genuine wealth. We hope you enjoy!

Originally published on Momentum’s blog Engage:

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