EconoUs2019 Final Report

February 3, 2020

EconoUs2018 Final Report Cover Page

From September 16-18, 2019, EconoUs2019 connected over 400 community leaders across Canada in London, Ontario. The conference was an initiative between two planning partners and co-hosts, Community Futures Ontario and the Canadian CED Network.

Since 2001, CCEDNet has partnered with members across the country to showcase the amazing work being done in different regions, to raise awareness of the impact of community economic development (CED), to examine new ideas, resources and strategies that will make CED practitioners more effective in their efforts, and to connect people who share similar values and vision. 

The focus of EconoUs2019 was Communities Leading Innovation and was intended to show how the most transformational ideas will be those created by and carried by communities.

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  • Highlights
  • Supporters and Partners
  • Communication
  • Participants
  • Evaluation
  • Participant Feedback
  • Communities Leading Innovation Tapestry

Social Enterprise World Forum

In 2020, EconoUs will be on temporary hiatus as we support The Social Enterprise World Forum 2020 on September 23 – 25 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We warmly invite our members, partners and wider network to join us at this special event hosted in Canada this year.  See you there!