Educating Communities About Homelessness: The Home Safe Documentary

October 4, 2012

Start a dialogue about housing and homelessness in your community. Host a screening of the Home Safe Documentary
The Home Safe documentary film is a powerful educational resource on the realities of homelessness in Canada. With World Homelessness Day coming up on Oct 10th and the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty on Oct 17th, now is the perfect time to host a screening and spark a community dialogue about homelessness and housing issues. 
Through personal stories, the film demonstrates the impacts of homelessness and poverty on Canadian families. Home Safe also traces the systemic roots of homelessness and examines the consequences of economic restructuring, discrimination and displacement. 

We Can Help:

The Canadian CED Network has partnered with Skyworks Charitable Foundation to promote the films across the country.
If your organiztion is interested in screening the film your community, contact Kirsten Bernas at or 204.943.0547 to learn more about how our staff can support you in hosting a screening.
There is no cost to access the Home Safe educational resources.

>> Learn more about the Home Safe project