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Movement Weaving: Building Collaborative Capacity 

Save the Date: Friday, October 25, 2019 

Join us for a full day of learning and dialogue towards a powerful common agenda for an economy where there is enough, for all, forever. 

We are setting out with a new vision for The Gathering--transforming this local tradition of connecting, learning, and celebrating into a day where community builders come together to steep ourselves in collaborative practice and weave together different movements for an inclusive and sustainable Manitoba. 

As we started to think about what that might look like, we realized a whole day of collective visioning or movement weaving is hard to do without a really good skill set for collaborating and working across difference.

We know that whether we’re doing community economic development, social innovation, collective impact, environmental sustainability, or any kind of social change work, there is a distinct need for better practices when collaborating for action. This is hard but crucial work.

So, we’re calling on you - community sector leaders* - to dive deep into learning about the skills and practices required for collaboration across diverse communities and movements and then to dialogue about our collective vision for the future. We want these learning sessions and dialogue sessions to be relevant, applicable, and useful for people across different movements and in various stages or roles in their work. Check out our Call for Gathering Co-Leaders to find out how you can be involved in designing and delivering this new model.

*Community sector refers to community led organizations (non-profits, charities, collectives, cooperatives, and social enterprises) and their networks, alliances, coalitions, or related grassroots movements that are working towards a more inclusive and sustainable world, made up of social, economic, or environmental approaches, diverse demographics and types of work. When we say we call on leaders - we’re hoping people who are organizers or core leaders of movements will help design and lead the day but we welcome everyone doing this work to attend and participate. In a wide movement for an economy providing enough, for all, forever, we recognize everyone whether volunteer, student, supporter, worker, or leader as essential.

Call for Gathering Co-leaders: due July 23

  • Are you a movement or community sector leader intrigued by this idea? We hope you’ll join us to design the day. We’re looking for people leading networks, coalitions, alliances, and grassroots movements to join our planning team to ensure the afternoon dialogue sessions hit the right notes, give space to tough conversations and welcome voices that might not always get heard, and move us towards strongly bridged and connected action. This will likely include 2-3 meetings plus some work in-between to prepare sessions and ensure we’re on track, in addition to attending the event.
  • Are you a facilitator who could help us design processes or support movement leaders as they design a day of learning and collective visioning? We hope you’ll join us as facilitation supporters to assist with guiding discussion, helping sessions use good collaborative practices, and collecting reflections from this new event model. This will likely entail at least one in-person meeting to prep, as well as some personal work to make sure you’re ready the day-of.
    • Interested? Email us by July 23 at with your contact info, a description of the movement or area of work you’re focused on, your role in your movement, and why you’re interested in being part of this event. Our Planning Team will be in touch with everyone and aiming to convene a planning meeting of co-leaders before September. 
  • Are you a practitioner or trainer who has a story, model, or tool to share that exemplifies deep and successful collaboration in organizations, teams, or wider collectives? We want our morning learning sessions to focus on relateable practices that people can take with them to support better collaboration across the community sector. These sessions will be 1.5 hours long, can include presentations or group work, and will include between 20-30 people. 
    • Interested? Email us by July 31 at, subject line “Gathering 2018 - learning session proposal” with your session proposal. This email should include a session title, 100 word description that could be used in promotional material, the names & affiliations of all presenters, and why this session is important for our focus on collaboration. Our planning team will be reviewing all proposals and informing everyone about the program by the end of August.

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The Gathering is an annual pay-what-you-can event where Manitoba’s community builders connect, learn, and celebrate success. It is open to all from staff of community organizations, to civil servants, funders, students, academics, or anyone interested in community development and community economic development.