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Uniterra, is a leading Canadian international voluntary programme, jointly operated by CECI and WUSC and present in 13 countries. Uniterra offers citizens and organizations the possibility of making a contribution towards reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in order to reduce world poverty.

WUSC (World University Service of Canada) is a network of people and post-secondary institutions whose mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. With headquarters in Ottawa, WUSC's programs have been offered in some 50 countries over the past six decades.

Founded in 1958, CECI (Centre for International Studies and Cooperation) is a private, not-for-profit organization, based in Montreal. CECI fights poverty and exclusion; it strengthens the development capacity of disadvantaged communities; it supports initiatives for peace, human rights and equity; it mobilizes resources and promotes the exchange of know-how.

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Cuso International is a civil society development organization that works through volunteers.
Each year, we send hundreds of global citizens to work on collaborative development projects in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean. We are one of North America’s leading international development non-profits that works through volunteers.
We place professionals of all ages who have the hands-on know-how and perspectives needed to collaborate with organizations working to strengthen communities and overcome poverty.

Canadian Crossroads International is an international development organization that is reducing poverty and increasing women’s rights around the world.

Crossroads facilitates the coming together of people and organizations. Through international volunteering and partnership, CCI leverages expertise and resources necessary to address these global challenges.