Have Your Say on the National Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy at EconoUs2017

August 25, 2017

In late 2015, when Prime Minister Trudeau released his ministerial mandate letters, an important commitment was included to develop a national strategy on social innovation and social finance. 

The federal government recognizes that persistent and complex social problems which particularly affect Indigenous people, seniors, youth, immigrants, and women, require new and innovative responses.   With a social innovation and social finance strategy, the government wants to provide better support for community organizations working to achieve positive solutions to entrenched social problems, including those faced by vulnerable populations.

This spring, a Co-Construction Steering Group made up of practitioners and experts from the community, philanthropic, financial and research sectors was announced to co-develop the strategy with the Government of Canada.  After a very busy summer, the group is now beginning consultations on the proposed themes and possible actions that the strategy could address. 

CCEDNet is pleased to partner with Employment and Social Development Canada to offer a consultation on the development of the strategy at EconoUs2017.  

David LePage and Roselyne Mavungu, two members of the Co-Construction Steering Group, will lead the session.

The policies and initiatives that will emerge from the strategy will likely shape the federal government’s support for social enterprise and community investment for years to come, so this is an extremely important opportunity.  Come hear the latest on progress to date and provide your input so that the strategy, which is due to be announced in Spring 2018, will build on the community-led innovation for shared prosperity that is already happening across the country. 

Join us and register now for EconoUs2017!