Highlights from CCEDNet’s 2015 Annual General Meeting

June 5, 2015

Last week, CCEDNet members gathered online to participate in the annual general meeting (AGM).

This was the first time we have held an entirely virtual AGM.  Our shift to the Canada Non-profit Corporations Act in 2013 meant that we are now legally able to hold a formal member meeting virtually, and we experimented with online participation last year when we had members participate both in person in Winnipeg and virtually.  But we had never done an entirely virtual AGM, with a bilingual webinar platform for moving, seconding and voting on resolutions, an English teleconference room, a French teleconference room, and simultaneous translation between the two.  It was an ambitious idea!

Fortunately, it all came together: the meeting ran smoothly, and feedback was very positive about the level of interaction.  

CCEDNet’s Executive Director, Mike Toye, presented highlights of the last year from our virtual annual report.  The theme of this year’s report is ‘Connecting Communities for Change’, emphasizing the role CCEDNet plays as a network to connect and support community leaders in their efforts to improve lives. 

Members welcomed William (Bill) Ninacs to the Board, and expressed gratitude to outgoing Board members Caroline Lachance and Indu Krishnamurthy, as well as to our Manitoba Regional Director Brendan Reimer, who stepped down last year after 11 years with CCEDNet.  

Many thanks to the members who participated, the staff who organized the logistics, and to CCEDNet’s Board members who guide the Network throughout the year.